Google and Microsoft - The Destructiveness Of Wealth and Ego

Author Richard Solomon is a conflicts and crisis management lawyer with 50 years of experience in business development, antitrust and franchise law, management counseling and dispute resolution including trials and crisis management.

Crises are sometimes manufactured where none really exist. The Google – Microsoft feud is an example of ego driven waste of great wealth for the sake of wanton destructiveness. These two companies, in addition to being great engines of technological creativeness, are the greatest things that could ever have happened to trial lawyers.

It is not as though their prospects were failing and that they were in danger of becoming buggy whip companies in an automotive world.

It is so out of good sense parameters that they willingly seek to destroy the futures of extremely creative people in service to their ego; issue false statements about each other and way beyond that when they ought to have self respect and restraint; and waste untold millions that have many good uses to which they could be put.

They spend so much money on spewing bile at each other that no one who is profiting from the charade would ever tell them that the emperor is naked.

While Bill and Melinda Gates use their wealth in such fantastic humane projects, they allow others in their company to make use of its treasury to assuage egos that, while they may once have helped establish new enterprises, are no longer needed and in fact destructive of reputations. Nor is it any different at Google.

Neither company needs to monopolize the android technology to survive and prosper. Moreover, android technology will soon morph into something else which will become the new “hot” stuff, and, if their management egos are still in office, they can then trash each other over that. Meanwhile their trial counsel are laughing all the way to the bank.

There is a point at which even the most expensive trial teams can be paid out of pocket change. Microsoft and Google are certainly beyond that point. The waste of such resources is sinful in every sense of that word, and it is just too bad that the management of the contestants cannot step back and look at the evidence they are creating that in some future conflict may – in an antitrust sense – lead to their destruction. Is no one thinking of the abuse of litigation to suppress competition leading to their future undoing?

And if their fight leads to findings that what they are fighting over is really not protectable, neither will profit one iota from the fight. More likely, however, is that by the time they have shot their wads in this nonsense, what they are fighting over will no longer be worth the candle. Then it will be unmistakably clear that all this is nothing more than egotistical and wanton waste.