Author Richard Solomon is a conflicts and crisis management lawyer with 50 years of experience in business development, antitrust and franchise law, management counseling and dispute resolution including trials and crisis management.

There are occasions in which what needs to be done should be done through extraordinary channels. This is not a reference to unlawful conduct. These situations include delicate potential relationships of which you are not yet certain and projects that could be perilous were you formally to commit to them before they advance to the point at which their riskiness is significantly reduced. You want to be able to do it, but you donít wish to risk your company identity and good will before the matter is known to be within your normal tolerances.

We provide the confidential cut out connections service, the cushion against the risks you would prefer not to accept now. Whether it is something that you, your attorneys, your financial advisors and bankers, your most important extant relationships and even your personal families might be concerned about were it to occur in the present tense, or anything else that you would prefer to do anonymously for the time being, we will provide the ability to accomplish what needs to be done.