Author Richard Solomon is a conflicts and crisis management lawyer with 50 years of experience in business development, antitrust and franchise law, management counseling and dispute resolution including trials and crisis management.

Fees may be hourly, daily, for set periods, plus expenses. We try to take things in stages wherever possible, so that commitments from clients do not become part of the issues that must be addressed.

Our fee agreements recite that we are working for you at your pleasure (maybe not really the right word). You and we define assignments so that sprawl and creep do not run expenses off the chart. Unfocused work is

We do not charge for travel time. Your situation should not, in our opinion, be the subject of work in any public venue, like an airplane. We travel economy class in country and business class on long flights and internationally.

We do not carry receivables. All work is prepaid with retainage and anticipated expenses are included within retainage. If your company has frequent flier miles that are legitimately usable, thatís fine with us. If your company plane is passing through on the way back to your office, that works for us if it works for you.

We are extremely informal in the sense that we do not stand on ceremony. The situations we will be dealing with present enough stress. We may deal with each other in a more laid back manner in the hope of some decompression through informality.